Friday, March 26, 2010

Organza Flower Tutorial

I have been seeing lots of different versions of these fun organza flowers everywhere, so I decided to try out a few! Here are the steps I used to create these fun flowers!
Materials needed:
3-4 colors Organza fabric
sewing needle
sequins, beads, pearls
heat source/I used a candle
pin backs
sequins, beads & pearls

I started by cutting 12 rough cut circles, 4 each of 3 different sizes

Hold each circle close to the flame so it melts the edges
curling them up.

Stack all of the circles on top of each other, layering

them with the smallest in the center.

Using the thread and needle stitch a few small stitches in the center

in the place where you want the beads to go. Then stitch on the sequins/ beads.Now you are done with the flower!

Now if you like you can stitch a pin back or hair pin to the backside of the flower!

Make a bunch for your friends!

They look great on bags!
Or wear in your hair!
Happy crafting! Meg

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My New Sewing Room!

I have been slowly moving in to my sewing room! It is so wonderful to have a room I can call my own! Everything needs to be organized and I am looking for a great way to store all of my fabrics, as they are all still in boxes.
But it is coming along great! I have started to decorate by adding a few things to my room that have a special meaning to me! My grandmother gave me all of her wooden spools of thread, I love them! I found a bubble glass vase to display them in. I cherish the fact she pointed out a few colors and talked about which projects she used them for, it makes them all the more special. I think they look so pretty!This is my DQS8 Mini Quilt, I was super excited to get it in the mail last week! I found a perfect spot on my wall in my new sewing room to display it along with all of my other minis! I ordered this yummy pile of fabrics and I am thinking up some fun project to make.

I will have more photos of my sewing room soon! The rest was way to messy to photograph (haha).

I hope you are all having a wonderful day! Meg

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Busy with School Work.......

I just finished up my 2nd Wilton Cake Class I am having so much fun! I will begin the 3rd class next week.
Here are some pics of my final cake.
The flowers are made with royal icing.
And the little snail and mushroom are color flow.

I am in my 9th week of my Photography I class and I wanted to share some photos I have taken for this weeks assignment. As least I get to incorporate a few of my crafty loves in to my photos!

I am working on a fun new ebook/pattern I hope to have some samples to show soon!
Hope you are having a Happy Day! Meg