Friday, October 29, 2010

Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Fall 2010

It's time for the Fall 2010 Blogger's Quilt Festival hosted by Amy, from Amy's Creative Side! My entry is  my first Cathedral Window Quilt it is more of a mini quilt but I am proud of it none the less!  I had been wanting to try this style for many years but was aways intimidated by it, it was actually much easier than I thought.  A time consuming style but the outcome is more than rewarding!  I love how it looks up against the light.  I guess I do not have any specific "story" to tell, I used all of my favorite fabrics on a white background, I hope to make a much larger one some day!  I can not wait to visit all of you other quilters!  

 Back View
Happy Quilt Festival!  Meg

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My how time flies....

I never meant to go a whole month with out blogging it just seemed to happen. I am here so say I am back to business and promise to keep things more updated! Here is a little peek at what I have been up to!

We have been busy finishing our new living room!  Here is a look....
I made a Garden Party quilt to go over the couch I am now working on some more pretty pillows!

I have been wanting to do this forever!  I finally got around to framing some AMH prints in embroidery hoops and now I just need to get some photos for the frames! 
 Here is a closer look at the quilt it measures approx 45" x 45" square.
 I just love binding a quilt!  It is my favorite part of the whole process!
I also thought I would post a few pics of "what on my sewing table"  My happy scrappy jar! 
 I have been working on my hexi quilt as well a slow but rewarding process.  I will post more pics soon!
 I hope all is well with you my blogging friends!  I will be back tomorrow to post my favorite quilt for Amy's Blogging Festival.
Have a wonderful evening! Meg