Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Little House of Love......

I love the designs for the holiday felt ornaments I found here and here this year, personally I think they are perfect for all year round not just for your Christmas tree. I wanted to add to my collection so I got to work on this little pattern, just in time for Valentines Day.

Step by Step Directions
First cut out all the pattern pieces. Then find the center along the bottom edge of the house and stitch the door in to place. Follow by stitching the little hearts in to the windows, and then the windows on to the house.

For the sequin roof start at the bottom edge of the roof line and stitch 6 sequins in to place Center row should be 5 sequins
Top row should be 4.

Now line the front and back house pieces together
and start stitching together at the right side of the door,
all around the outer edge.
When you reach the center of the top edge of the roof
slide the ribbon/ric rac in to place and stitch
over a few times to secure.
Continue your way around the house until you reach
the bottom of the left side.Stuff the poly fill in to the little house through the opening,
however firm you would like!
Then continue to stitch the bottom of the house closed.

Enjoy making a whole little village! Meg


Vickie E said...

thanks for the tutorial it is very cute and gets me in the 'season' of Valentine's Day! said...

Aww, this is so sweet, I love it! I'm working on a roundup of Valentine's crafts and I'll be linking!