Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pretty Little Purse Pincushion Tutorial

Materials Needed:
1- 10" x 6" Fabric Piece for Exterior
1- 10" x 6" Piece Fusible Fleece
1- 5" x 6" Coordinating Fabric for Interior
2- 8" x 2" Fabric Pieces for Straps
Sewing Machine
Straight Pins
Pencil/Marking Pen
Hot Glue Gun
Poly fill/fiber stuffing
Ric Rac or Fun Trims

*Optional but Very Helpful Items
Self Healing Cutting Mat
Rotary Cutter Begin with all of your fabric pieces cut.Iron exterior fabric to fusible fleece. Then fold in half, pin and sew 1/4" straight stitch down each side, back stitch.Trim off corners at the folded end (make sure not to cut into stitching)Fold bottoms corners at the side seam flat and pin into place, with your ruler measure 2" mark with a pen, and sew the 2" box seam. I run my machine forward and back stitch a few times!Snip the corners off.
Turn the body inside out.For the Straps. I use the a double fold bias tape method.
With your 2- 2" x 8" pieces fold long ways in half, iron, then
fold the strip in half so the two folded edges meet. Iron into place. Then run a straight seam to close the edge in place, I add another seam to the opposite side as well! Measuring 1" from each end side seam, position 1 end of the strap and pin into place. Repeat for the opposite side.
Stitch into place. Measure 1" from the top of the bag, fold down and pin into place. Now you can either run a straight stitch or add some fun trims, like ric rac! Do some touch up ironing at this time!Time to stuff!
I like to add a 1/2 cup of rice to the bottom to help weight the pincushion down! Add a nice hand full of poly fill. Taking the 5" x 6" fabric piece of fabric gently fold it down over the poly fill. Take your time and work with it to lay nice and flat!Now with a hot glue gun run a small bead of glue around the top edge to hold fabric in place. Again take your time as you do not want the glue to show!
Add some more fun trims or flowers and you are finished!
This makes a great gift or party favor!

An original pattern created by
Boutique NutMeg Designs 2009
Reproduction not permitted

For Questions and Pattern
support feel free to email me at

This pattern is intended for home use and gift giving. Please do not use this pattern for retail sales.


Jennie said...

How wonderful! Thanks for your free pattern/tutorial. You know for sure that there'll be tons of these popping around homes everywhere now, at least in mine for sure!

I still get compliments all the time on the purse that I won through your giveaway last summer. I tell them about your site. It's a great purse. Thanks again.

Zarah said...

That's so CUTE!! TFS! :D

(I love those pins, btw!! Where did you get them?)

Ellyn said...

yay yay yay! been waiting for your tutorial ever since I saw your pincushion on Flickr! Can't wait to make some for Birthday gifts for sewing buddies! Thanks

Susuko said...

They are so cute! And wonderful fabrics!
Thank you very much!

Missy said...

Thanks, Meg! This looks fun. I like the new look for your blog.

Anonymous said...

That's just too cute- thanks for sharing your tutorial!

I'm also wondering where you got those pins. I just love the pear!

Bea said...

Oh, so cute! Thanks for the tute.

Beth said...

this is so very cute! I am going to have to make one!

DaCraftyLady said...

fantastic tutorial...I am going to make one this weekend.. :)

DaCraftyLady said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Aww, that is so cute! Thanks so much for sharing, I'll be linking to this.

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Meg,
Cute pincushion and thank you for the tutorial. So many purses will be made for gifts to give.
Thanks again,

MissesStitches said...

How very cute! Wonderful blog, too.

Carla said...

How sweet! Thank you for the tutorial. May I ask where you got that cute fabric? Or what the name of it is? Thanks!!

Karen Mallory said...

That is the cutest pincushion! I love it!! I am going to make one soon as I get a new secret sister and find out her favorite colors.
Thanks for the tutorial.
hugs Karen

Pink Princess said...

Adorable and one of the cutest I have seen in a long time. Some are being made here too, lol

Anne said...

Adorable!! I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:

JenW!~ said...

That is adorable. thanks for sharing it with us. I certainly am going to make one

Dolores said...

This is so sweet. I gotta try it out. Thanks for the tutorial.

Betty said...

so sweet thanks sew much
I was wondering where you found all the cute pins like the cup cake, pear and bird, I see you have instructions for the butterfly thanks again

Becky said...

Your pincushion is adorable! May I make them as giveaways with my etsy shop purchases? I'd love to make a tag to include your info.

beckysews [at] hotmail [dot] com

Svetta said...

I like idea!Thanks!

nancy huggins said...

Very awesome blog...I don't know how some people find all the free tutorials...I can never find anything like that...I really love the little pincushion

Vintage Cherubs said...

That is the cutest pin cushion. So many thanks for sharing! I am inspired to make myself a little cutie!

Anonymous said...

Wish I enjoyed sewing more! I see it as more of a chore. Your things are absolutely gorgeous!!!

el taller de sonia said...

genial el tutorial, hermoso el trabajo me encanto un beso desde Argentina

Anonymous said...

What a cute project - thank you for sharing. I just stumbled across your blog. What a great blog you have!

Tiffany said...

I'm not sure how I missed this post, but this is the cutest idea that I've seen in a very long time. This is definitely going on my very, very long to do list.

Susan said...

I just found your site. It is so cute. I love this pin cushion too. Thanks for the tutorial. I am gonna add your blog link to my blog. Happy Sewing!

Unknown said...

How cute! Love your blogg. Lolly from Sweden

Sharon K. Jack said...

HI, I also just found your blog. put in my favorites. the little pin cushion is great going to make one for a friend that is having a birthday will need to find some of the pins. thanks Sharon J

ladyredhawk's said...

I love your tute it is so cute.ty for posting it.

Ana Belli said...

Lindo o agulheiro, obrigada por compartilhar.