Friday, September 24, 2010

Family Treasures....

I am so excited to finally have this machine!  It was my great grand mothers and I have heard stories about it through the years but it had been sitting in my great uncles basement and we were not sure what the condition would be after all of the years.  Well it exceeded my expectations and I could not be more happy!

It is a Minnesota Treadle Sewing machine. Manufacture by Sears and from the research I have done it looks like this might be a  "Minnesota C" in a four drawer cabinet with skeletal type frames manufactured around 1900-1910.

My grandmother remembers rocking herself on the treadle paddle when she was around 3years old.
 The belt is broken but I hope to get it replaced soon! I love all of the design work on the machine.

 It still has some of the spools my great grand mother used in the drawers.
 And a well used manual!
 The skeleton key to lock the drawers.
 It needs a good cleaning but I would love to be able to getting in working condition again!

Thanks for all of the responses I have received regarding my new pattern!  I will be getting with you very soon with the details! 
Have a great weekend! Meg


willywagtail said...

How wonderful to have something in the family for so long! And to have a manual as well!!

Tina Craig said...

Oooh, she's lovely! I have my grandmother's Singer and it is a treasure.

Pat said...

I see the word Model D on your sewing machine, it is in the scroll work under where you put the tread. I have my husbands grandmothers treadle machine.

Pat said...

I dont know if my first post went thru so I will repeat it. Sorry if it did. I just wanted to tell you I see in the picture the words Model D on your machine, and you mentioned C so maybe you didn't see it, because it is in the scroll work under where you would put the thread. I have my husbands grandmothers , but I have no idea how old it is.

MegN said...

Thank you I totally missed that model it must have been all of the excitment :) Thanks! Meg