Thursday, April 28, 2011

~The To Do List~

It just keeps getting longer and longer!  I have a stack of quilts that need to be finished but I keep planning on more! Such is the way of life of a fabric addict!  Any way I ordered some felt from Heather Baileys store and it arrived, it is so pretty I can not wait to start playing with it!  I have some new flower headband ideas that I can't wait to try out!
 next on my list...
this stack of YUMMY fabrics
will be part of my next  my next project.  I finally found some dotty fabric in red and white. I have been drooling over this quilt since I first saw this cover of Material Obsession!

I am not even sure how I missed blogging this!  I was super excited when my DQS10 arrived and it turned out to be the quilt I had been "stalking" on flicker in hopes of it showing up on my doorstep!  The amazing Rachael of Blue Mountain Daisy did a perfect job in creating a quilt that represents everything I LOVE!
 The back is just as amazing!
 I am highly considering making a replica on a larger scale for my new living room.
Just one more thing to add to my to do list.....
The sun is finally shinning here!
I hope you are having a happy day!


Dresden Lane said...

Ohmy- you and I are SO on the same page. I am starting a pop garden quilt too (it's my favorite line of all time) and also discovered (FINALLY - I have been searching for a few years!!!!) the red on white dot fabrics. Are you going with the Pepper Dot by Michael Miller? I think I might do that too - but there is also a "That's it" dot that is a little bigger - it's new too.

MegN said...

I am a huge HB fan Pop Garden is one of my favorites! I know for sure it is a Michael Miller print and I think it is "That's it" dot. I was so excited when I found it in a little quilt store about an hour away from where I live! We do not have many fabrics stores close by and I always get excited when I find a new one!

Annie said...

That gorgeous quilt just put a big smile on my face!

: )

Rachaeldaisy said...

Hi Megan,
What a nice write up about your doll quilt. I'm so happy you love it so much. I had fun making it for you. A matching big version would look amazing! That dresdan quilt from the Material Obsession book is so beautiful. I've seen it in real life and so fresh and fun!