Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Seeya at the Beach

Don't Forget to stop by ebay to check out this amazing launch See ya at the Beach with the Chicks and Guest! Here is another fun Beach Tote for me! I got to collaborate with a great group of ladies for this one not to mention the awesome photos by Stacy Vu Check out the entire collection by this amazing group of designers including; Hand Painted Outfit & Shoes: Boutiqueprincessnbows, Hair Bows: thebowlevard, Jewlery: priddy*creations

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Jonathan VanValkenburg said...

Hello, my name is Ashley. I live here in Ohio as well. I absolutely love your stuff! It's great! I obviously am a little too late for your ebay auctions, but was wondering when you may have more designs coming out.

Thank you.