Monday, November 24, 2008

Paper Crafting and Holiday Stocking Swap

I have been busy creating some pretty little paper banners for the Holiday Swaps I am participating in. Paper crafting can get addictive! I love how the they turned out. I used crepe paper, card stock & chip board letters and added glitter!

This Noel one is my favorite!

and just for fun I did a little JOY!
Here is the stocking I finished today!
I will be shipping it to my partner for the Stocking Swap hosted
by Hope of Going Sew Crazy. It is done in linen with
hand stitched Merry Christmas and sequins for a little fun!
The lettering did not show up so well in the photos.
Also for those interested I will be releasing the baby doll carrier
pattern to my etsy shop at a great price very soon!
Have a great evening! Meg


Anonymous said...

You are so talented. I am new to all this crafting lark, so I have never done any paper crafting. The banners you have made are delightful - it makes me want to have ago. Your stocking is cute too, I have finished mine - I just have to make a felt garland then its off in the post

Anonymous said...

I just got my them. You are very talented!