Friday, March 27, 2009

More Mini Quilts!

I am addicted to these mini quilts they are so cute & fun! Here are a few I sent out for some recent swaps!

I almost kept this one I love the colors & design.

I paper pieced this one using freezer paper! I love this technique!

This one was for a swap using only solid colors! It is called a stained glass.

This is a mini hexagon quilt I received from a swap

I am now inspired to try a hexagon design!

These are mini quilts from my Great Grandmother

These hand sewn Mini quilts were received from my Great Grandmother in 1998. She was in her late 80's when she made these for me. I Love the little note it says

Dear Megan,

I give this pretty gift in every stitch a thought, for hopes you'll like it better, than the one I might have bought.With Love Great Grandma Palsgrove

Have A Happy Friday! Meg


Julia said...

How cute! What a blessing to have something so special form you r grandmother!! The words in her handwriting are priceless!!

Bolsas Mary Loo said...
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Bolsas Mary Loo said...

Very beautiful
love your work

Hillary said...

I love these and the note from your Great Grandmother is such a treasure! The top quilt was wonderful and I love the paper piecing technique! I'm gonna have to try that some time :) My first thought when I saw it was did she Applique those one on top of the other! So I had to go check out the technique you were loving so much!