Friday, March 26, 2010

Organza Flower Tutorial

I have been seeing lots of different versions of these fun organza flowers everywhere, so I decided to try out a few! Here are the steps I used to create these fun flowers!
Materials needed:
3-4 colors Organza fabric
sewing needle
sequins, beads, pearls
heat source/I used a candle
pin backs
sequins, beads & pearls

I started by cutting 12 rough cut circles, 4 each of 3 different sizes

Hold each circle close to the flame so it melts the edges
curling them up.

Stack all of the circles on top of each other, layering

them with the smallest in the center.

Using the thread and needle stitch a few small stitches in the center

in the place where you want the beads to go. Then stitch on the sequins/ beads.Now you are done with the flower!

Now if you like you can stitch a pin back or hair pin to the backside of the flower!

Make a bunch for your friends!

They look great on bags!
Or wear in your hair!
Happy crafting! Meg


Lori said...

How pretty! Love the purse too! Thanks for the tutorial!

Unknown said...

I've been wanting to try these... thanks for the tute! Keep up the great work Meg!

sara said...

Very cute flowers!!!

Marieta said...

It´s so cute¡¡¡¡


Rita said...

hi,thanks for your tutorial. I wanted to make these for an art project of mine.
tried making these today, but my edges don't curl up, and are getting burned instead. any suggestions?
(I am using a magenta pink silky polyester fabric and some thin organza.)