Thursday, July 3, 2008

Grommet How To Tutorial

For setting grommets (eyelets) you can use 2 methods
-hammer method (which I use)
-Grommet setter pliers (which I hear are a dream to use
I have just never shelled out the $19.95 to buy a pair)

Here I will show you the method I use:
Tools are grommet setter (consist of 2 pieces)
Grommet (male and female/front and back)
Trace inside of front/male grommet piece on to fabric
*If you are using a canvas fabric I do not use a backing but when
using thinner fabrics I suggest using a heavy weight interfacing to
strengthen fabric or the grommet will likely pull through!
I like to draw a small circle with a pen
Cut out small circle make sure you do not cut too large or the
grommet will pull trough when hammered in place
Place front/male side of grommet through hole on the front side of fabric.
Place on grommet setter disk. Front side down.
(this will likely be heavy plastic or metal it differes on manufacture)
Place back/female side of grommet on to the backside of fabric
over the over the front/male piece .
Place grommet setter on to the back/female side this will fit in to hole.
Now Hammer
(make sure you are working on a hard surface and watch your fingers!)

You will see the grommet has been set when the prongs of the
front/male side fold nicely over the back/female side!

Hopefully I was not too confusing!
Feel free to email me with questions or if you have a great tip!


Anonymous said...

Where did you get that awesome hammer??!! How much would I love to do my scrapbooking with that goreous thing banging away on brads and grommets?

MegN said...

My hubby got if for me for Christmas! I think he got it at Sears or Home Depot! I love the size & it is super girly! Thanks! Meg

Sarah said...

This is great. Thanks for the tips. I bought one of those grommet tools recently and was wondering how to use it. Thanks!

eldyne53 said...

Excellent website, Meg! You are really using your God given gifts in an amazing way. Keep up the great work!