Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jelly Time

I always knew I would be the one in my family to take over the jelly/jam making. I remember how intrigued I was with my grandmother when she would make jelly when we were little how the smell filled the house. We always knew when we went to visit that grandma she would have a new batch ready for us to take home and savor! I knew (well grandma subtly told me) it was time when she came for a visit and brought me a new blender along with Certo and strawberries. Now every time I make a batch it brings back so many wonderful memories, I even call grandma some times while I stir just to reminisce.
My nephew Cam came to me last week and informed me he was out of jelly and I must make some immediately so I thought I would share some photos with you...............
We use a basic cooked Jam recipe but we pure the berries.
The color is beautiful!
My jars never match everyone always brings them back after they are empty for me to refill!
The finished product! Cam has already chosen which ones he will be taking home!

Have a Happy evening! Meg


Caitlin said...

Do those old sauce jars seal again after they've already been opened? I always throw them out because I never thought they would seal if I used them for jam?

MegN said...

They do not seal again but everyone eats it here so fast they don't have time to go bad :) If you want your jam to stay fresh for longer periods of time you will need to get new seals! Thanks! Meg