Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to me..........

Yesterday was my 29th Birthday! My mom made me my favorite cake and fried chicken for dinner, she only make this about 4 times a year so I did not feel quilty about eating my share of the yummieness, plus it was my birthday so calories don't count! My thoughtful husband got me a portable hard drive to save all of my photos on due to the fact I have over 10,000+ photos saved on my computer, I am not sure why I have never backed them up before because I would sit and cry for weeks if anything ever happened to them!

Here is a little peek at my progress on my quilt squares I am saddend at the fact I will not have enough fabric to make a quilt for my bed so I am doing a wall quilt which I will still put in new bed room! I am going to piece it together strips of fabric from Sandi Hendersons new line I can not wait to show everyone the finished product!

Mother nature is teasing us with Spring today it is 65 degrees out side right now and the sun is shining. I took the boys for a walk to get slushies and let them play with the side walk chalk for an hour they were a powery mess but it was so wonderful to be outside again!

Unfornately it is only to go down hill from here this week lots of rain and colder temperatures!

But least we have something to look forward to it is March!

Have a Happy Day! Meg

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Katarina said...

Happy birthday sweetie!!!
That quilt is looking so stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!