Sunday, March 16, 2008

Need an Easter Egg? I have a few!

It is tradition at my house that I always have the kids over to color Easter Eggs. (I think this is in part because the other mothers know the mess will be here and not at their houses ;) anyway I love doing it! This year Ben insisted we have a "big" party he wanted cupcakes and decorations and candles and party hats and so on .......... I had to keep reminding him it was not his birthday but he was having so much fun!

The Decorations

The CupcakesMy dear sweet sister boiled all 96 eggs! She was my hero!
The kids had so much fun! (Please ignore the lovely kitchen wall we are in the middle of a huge remodel!)

The end product! Was so colorful & pretty!

I had asked Ben after the party was over and everything was cleaned up and I was exhausted if it was all he had hope for and he said "Oh yes Mommy I had so much fun!" I guess that makes it all worth it!

Have a happy Sunday! Meg


Sharon said...

It looks like everyone had a blast! What a great party!

Julie said...

Oh what fun... I just might have to try it next year. thanks for the idea. and so glad that it was a success.

crochetdlane said...

O how fun is that? LOVE all those pretty eggs!!

I have tagged you! Stop by my blog and and check it out!


Felicia said...

Aw, they turn out so pretty.