Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Purse Design

Here are some photos of a new purse pattern I have been working on there are still a few details to work out but I am happy how it turned out overall! I love the Chocolate Lollipop fabric by Anna Maria Horner ! This is a nice roomy handbag approx 13"L x 9"H x 5"D. it has 2 interior pockets and a zipper closure. I love the plaid bottom base and the side grommets w/bows! I would love to hear feedback if you want to leave me a comment or email!

Have a Great Afternoon! Meg


Kim said...

I love the design Meg! You have ventured into the world of grommets and a zip closure bag, I bow to your talent.

Sharon said...


Your new bags are TDF! I love this one

crochetdlane said...

I love this Meg! It is so cute!! The fabric is so yummy!! I love the cute little bows on the side!! Are you going to sell this in your etsy store? I would love to get one of these!!


MegN said...

Thanks Lindsay! I just added it! Meg

sewhipbaby said...

This bag is awesome!!! I stumbled upon your blog looking at Melly and Me Pipi patterns and saw this bag! I actually bought this bag from Etsy!! I have had SO many compliments on it, you have no idea! I wish I had this bag in a million prints! LOVE IT!!!