Friday, June 27, 2008

Check out theChicks & Something for the boys!

I normally do bags for girls but I have been asked more and more to do something for boys so here is a try Monster Trucks! It is a nice size not overly big but plenty of room to pack goodies in for a vacation or weekend trip for the car! I have a few more ideas to yet!

Here is a look at my new Rainbow Brite backpack for the chicks retro launch on ebay! The flap was painted by the oh so talented Sandra she does awesome work! Now it is shipped off for collaboration photos with Katie I can wait to see the final photos!

Here is a peek of the photos of the Hello Kitty collab! Sharon's work is just stunning, the amazing cap was crochet by Lindsay and new to the Chicks is Tawny who does incredible jewelry! Such amazing ladies to design with!
Have a great weekend! Meg


Anonymous said...

Very cute. I remember rainbow bright from when I was a kid, I even had a doll. I did a backpack in the same truck fabric for a little boy and it was a big hit.

Philigry said...

very cute bags! they are to die for.