Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why is it??????

That when ever I have a stack of customs I need to be working on I always feel inspired to do something else???
It has been a beautiful & hot week here so the kids have been swimming everyday! It is supposed to rain tomorrow so hopefully I will accomplish something productive!
Here is a peek at some things I have started and need to finish!
Ladybugs on Parade

Rose Applique (I think I am going to pair this with some Drawing Room Pieces)

Amy B. & Linen pieced panel it will be the front of a tote!

Ginger Blossom, Amy B. & Linen will also be the front of a tote!

Hopefully I will have some finished projects to show soon!

Have a great night! Meg

1 comment:

Terriaw said...

oh how I love that last patchwork piece. What a great combination - with the Ginger Blossom and Amy B fabrics. Can't wait to see more!