Monday, June 9, 2008

A Weekend in Photos

Wow what a super busy weekend!
We had my girlfriends baby shower I made these!

The Cake

The Cupcakes

I had to do a girly diaper cake

What a party without fruit kabobs!
Me & the Mommy to be.

My wonderful husband and brother spent 17hrs building this.................

My entry for the Michael Miller Baby Bootie Contest you can see rules and guidelines here! I titled them "Pixie Slippers" I would love to win there already so many great entries you will have to check them out!

Have a great evening! Meg


Sharon said...

The goodies look awesome!great job. What a great hubby you have, does it belong to Ben?

MegN said...

Yes I have saved for like 6 months to buy it :) Ben is very excited!

LisaLaughs said...

OMG, I had to stop by because I saw your pics on Flickr and had to see if you made the cake and cupcakes and you did and now I have to laugh/cry because I also make cupcakes for a baby shower this weekend and they were not anywhere near as cute as yours!!! (breathe) Girl, you are AWESOME!!! Everything you make is like magic and gorgeous!! Thanks for the inspiration - and man o man those were the cutest cupcakes ever!! Have a great week, Meg!!

creativemama said...

I was browsing blogs and found your baby shower pics. Very cute! I love the cupcakes and the fruit kabobs. Best of luck with the bootie contest. Those booties are adorable!

Anonymous said...

those Slippers where the cutest ones I have ever seen <3