Monday, December 22, 2008

A New Purse for me!

With all of the holiday crafting I have been doing and gifts I have been sewing in the last few weeks (which I will show later as I don't know who will be reading :) I took a little time today to make a new purse for me!
I received theses great Tina Givens fabrics in a swap I started with a fun patchwork using 3" x3" squares and added a little chocolate cord! I love how it turned out!

I love this design it was super easy!

I even added a zipper.

Silver hardware.

& a chocolate gingham lining.

I hope everyone is enoying the holidays! Meg


polkadotbug said...

I love the bag! I have all of the same fabrics stacked here that I haven't cut into yet. Yummy.
I just got a request for a bag with a zipper and I am afraid. I have yet to attempy zippers. Is it hard? I found a tutorial and hope I can follow it.

Terriaw said...

That brown cordoroy looks great with your fabrics. And that brown checked gingham is perfect. Love this one!

Shelly G. said...

LOVE the bag! How do you get the rings in the grommets? I have been trying to do this, but can't get the ones I have to open and I can't find any rings that open.

willywagtail said...

I lovw the shape of the bag and the colours are happy too. Cherrie

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute bag! Love the gromets. Love the gingham lining too. Can't wait to see what you made everyone for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I love your bag. Is it your design? If so do sell the pattern? I love making bag, but I'm a bite afraid of zippers.

Janis said...

I missed this post -- your bag is adorable! I'm sure you will get comments everywhere you go!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

It's all so pretty but you all ready new I was a big fan!!!!