Friday, January 9, 2009

How do you brighten up your day.............

I have had the winter blahs everything is so gray and cold here... so I thought I would brighten up my house. Here are a few of my bright additions!
I love how colorful and fun this quilt turned out! I made it small enough to be a wall hanging. I am going to bind it with a mini black & white dot. It will go on my living room wall I think it will brighten the room up perfectly.
This is my Andalucia pink polka dot house!

This was my dull brown chair! I added a red slip cover & a Garden Party Pillow! Any one have any tips or tricks to keep a slip cover in place.
Hope you are having a bright & cheery day! Meg


Anonymous said...

you can take a shower curtain, or pvc pipe the length of the chair and stuff it in the crack, it should do a pretty fair job of keeping it from shifting around when you sit on it.

it works well, it's what i use, it will occasionally shift but not as much as it used to.

Anonymous said...

How will you hang the quilt. I am making a small hanging quilt for my sons room and as its my first i dont know what to do.

Plus thanks for the tip Tyler. I'll try that on my sofa!!

Bea said...

Your quilts always look so great and fun. I love the pillow you made. I wish I knew how to make a quilt. Maybe, I will try and learn how to this year.

Danielle said...

darling quilt.

I heard you can roll up and magazine(s), wrap it with a rubber band or two, and stuff it in the cracks. good luck!

Unknown said...

I love your pillow and quilt.
I am currently working on drop cloth slipcovers for my couch,loveseat and chair... but yours our much more cheerful. I am a fall color girl. Great work and love the houses.

Emily said...

I adore that garden party pillow! Too cute!

Where in Ohio are you? Maybe we are neighbors! :)

MegN said...

Thanks for the great tips!!!
I am still thinking of ideas of ways to hang the quilt I will post pics when I have it done!
Emily I live in Dresden.