Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sugar Snap Boutique Ebay Launch

Stop by ebay and check out some of the the amazing designs listed for the Sugar Snap launch , featuring the beautiful line of fabrics by the very talented Melissa Averinos of Yummy Goods!

Here are the bags I have listed so far!

Have a Happy Day! Meg


Stacey said...

Those are fab! I am off to take a look..thanks

Janis said...

Beautiful bags -- good luck on eBay!

Amanda114 said...

Meg, I love your work! These are all too cute! I am wanting to make a bag along the same lines as the bubble bag but out of linen. Do you think that would work? Also, I was curious if you might share the pattern or tips and measurements. I am hoping to see if I can make one like this for Easter to match my dress. If you would rather not share the pattern, I completely understand. I just thought I might ask.


Sara said...

re: the polka dot curtain rod....if you don't want to pay pottery barn prices and/or cannot find the color that you want you can always buy a wooden piece and paint it the way you want it (I am thinking home improvement stores in the trim aisle maybe).