Thursday, June 11, 2009

Quilt Along Progress

I was a week behind on the Old Red Barn Quilt Along so thanks to a few rainy days here I have gotten all caught up!

I really like how it turned out with the mix of colors!Looking forward to next week!

Have a Happy Day! Meg


Lori said...

It looks great!! I am totally behind and getting ready to leave for 2 weeks, so will fall farther behind but optimistic about our return and getting back to work! Thanks for sharing. Love the fabrics you chose. I am also blogging my progress on the quilt- along at my blog,, if interested!:)


Terriaw said...

Yay, your quilt top looks great! You must be so happy with your catch-up progress. I have about four rows to piece together, and then I will be caught up too. So fun!

Tina Craig said...

LOVE the combination of fabrics! i don't have anything that cool in my stash. Does that mean I get to go shopping?

My Precious Peanut Designs said...

So pretty!

Busy Little Quilter said...

I love it!

I'm doing the quilt along, too. I'm way far behind, but I'm getting there!